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Oktoberfest Coordination & Advertising

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Role: Marketing Manager | Coordinator | Sponsorship Liaison | Advertising | Social Media

Video Production Company: acreativealt (video)

Editorial Team: SPEcial Pte Ltd


  • Event management and coordination of the biggest traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest in Asia.

  • Attracting more than 10'000 guests overs 4 nights and 1 brunch called the "Frühschoppen".

  • At least $200k Sponsorship acquisition per year, excluding in-kind sponsorship from various vendors ranging from F&B to media coverage.

  • Increasing sales through entertainment during the event (High striker for men and women, merchandise booth with souvenirs and memorabilia).

  • Invitations to VIPs such as Ambassadors, Singaporean Ministers and singers.


  • South East Asia's biggest and most traditional Oktoberfest event.

  • Yearly event at the Swiss Club bringing more than 10'000 guests over 5 days.

  • Social Event with VIPs and its traditional barrel opening ceremony.

  • Sponsors' networking event across Singapore.

  • Development of main page on the main website of the Swiss Club. (view here)


+12% sales | +15% guests | +3% sponsorship

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